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"This is exactly what we were looking for to manage both the store and the [WooCommerce] site!"

- Janelle in Brooklyn, NY


Whether you're just adding a web store to your brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce powerhouse, GV Gatsby's intuitive tools let you manage your WooCommerce offering with ease.

Our seamless integration with WooCommerce makes it easy to get the insights you need to— not just manage— but optimize your WooCommerce inventory.

Getting started is simple! GV Gatsby pulls in all the existing data from WooCommerce so you're not starting from scratch. Start your full-featured 30-day free trial of GV Gatsby today and get the whole picture on your inventory!

Get your Real profitability from WooCommerce

GV Gatsby adds lot cost of goods sold to your WooCommerce sales toolbox. With this information, you’ll finally have the insight you need to to optimize your stock and run a successful business.

Seamless Inventory for WooCommerce

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GV Gatsby Platform Features

Real-Time Inventory Management

  • User prt-item cost to see profitability
  • Real-time tracking and insights
  • Email alerts on refunds and zero-dollar
  • Bundle items for ingredient-level inventory tracking

Instant Email Alerts

  • Know the moment when quantities fall below a threshold
  • Intelligent, multi-condition alerts based on location
  • Customize notifications based on category

Decision-Ready Reports

  • Understand inventory, profit margin, and sales data
  • Reporting on discounted transactions and slow-moving inventory
  • Quick access to total inventory value for simplified reporting

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