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GV Gatsby has unique features we were unable to find in any other inventory management application, especially when it comes to handling 50+ retail locations! The customer service is the best we have seen. Fast response and effective results. Highly recommend this company.

- Justin G

I LOVE GV Gatsby!!!!!!!

- Stephanie in Camden, NJ

Perfect for managing multiple locations with the Clover Station...

- Jenny M


- Peach Blossom, Healthy Living

This app has been a game changer for me. It’s very user friendly, Syncs between my ecommerce and Square flawlessly. All of my reports are in one place. I can’t say enough about it. For everything that I am getting with this app and its ease of use, it is worth every penny!!

- Kimberly in Berne, IN

Great pricing for a small business like myself and room to grow - thanks for products that work!

- Adam in Claire, WI

GV Gatsby is AMAZING it links everything and keeps my inventory very organized. The best part is the support received. There is always someone one click away.

- Carrie Wilson Makeup

GV Gatsby fills in what was missing from just the Clover station...

- Carla in Montreal, Canada

Great way to tie together your WooCommerce / WordPress store with a physical location...

- Capterra Verified Reviewer

GV Gatsby has been a great solution for inventory management. We’re able to manage inventory of 2 Shopify stores that use the same pool of raw materials. Their support team has been amazing. Very thorough initial tutorial and they’re always quick to respond to online chat support.

- Mugsby Wholesale

This is amazingggg! I wish I knew about this 2 years ago. I have been calculating this crap by hand!

- Brittany in Rockwall, TX

This app and the customer service are remarkable! I highly recommend for any business owner who is serious about understanding and tracking their investment in real time.

- Heisenbrew Hemp

Literally saves me hours of work every day...

- Kevin C.

We began using GV Gatsby because we needed real time inventory numbers, a tool that kept track of our COGS, and also offered sales reports. Using GV Gatsby is super user friendly, it integrates fully with Shopify, Square and Clover. We input all of our inventory items (including COGS, retail price, quantity of the item) through GV Gatsby first and GV Gatsby pushes all the date to Shopify. Cannot say enough wonderful things about this app. Not to mention, their customer service team is top notch and very knowledgeable!

- Elysian Co.

Absolutely love this app. Very useful. Love the reports. Love the filters! And you know what they do best? They listen to you. Their customer service is from another world. Fast and reliable. Look no more for an app that helps you with your inventory. This is the one. Jacques and Joe are my favorites! :D

- Rincon Cristiano

This app is one of the reasons I’ve stuck with you guys. You’re constantly updating the system and UI, and making my job so much easier.

- Nathan in Wasilla, AK

We’ve been using GV Gatsby for a couple of years now. Between their incredibly helpful customer service and regularly released updates that actually improve processes, we think it’s the best solution for managing our extensive inventory with Shopify and Square. We highly recommend GV Gatsby to any business that needs to manage inventory between multiple platforms.

- The Handmade Showroom

Also, you guys have the best customer service. Also love the product.

- Sarah in Catasauqua, PA

I’ve been using GV Gatsby for over a year now. Maybe closer to 18 months. It is an exceptional piece of software. We track our inventory, products, and bundles across several channels and get just the right reporting to be able to buy right. Good inventory management is vital for a business to be profitable and we wouldn’t be there without GV Gatsby. Their customer support is outstanding too!

- Sagebrush Coffee

By far the best integration, best ease of use, and best reporting we’ve seen in inventory systems we’ve tried.

- Jason in Pottersville, NY

Very happy with the product and the customer service so far!

- Amy in Ada, MI


- Henry in Orlando, FL

I just opened a liquor store and this software is exactly what I needed.

- Bikky in Topeka, KS

Reporting is now accurate and I’m getting a better representation of our business. I appreciate your diligence and how helpful you’ve been throughout. ... Very thorough and understanding to the fact that I have a limited level of knowledge. Great help and refreshing for someone to put that much care.

- Ara in Bobcaygeon, Canada

I appreciate your quick response to any questions and appreciate the support you have for this app.

- Lori in Oak Park, IL

Thank you! LOVING this app so far! I’ve been searching for this a long time!

- Kim in Tallahassee, FL

You guys are awesome! Best App on the Clover market by FAR AND AWAY

- J Mitchell in Encinitas, CA

Thank you! I purchased the app the day I took the 30 day trial and I pay monthly. So far I love it!!!

- Ellen in Mobile, AL

This is going to make my life so much easier! We’ve had a great experience since launching last week.

- Charlotte in Austin, TX

Very happy thus far, and excellent customer service—crazy good—thank you.

- Robert in Petaluma, CA

The product is great, the support is A+!!

- Kathy C

Best Multi-Function, Inventory Management and More App!

- World of Glass

I really think I’m gonna enjoy your application. Especially the part where the system can estimate when products will be out of stock. Should make ordering product a lot easier and more efficient.

- James in Encinitas, CA

Your customer service is awesome. Best I’ve experienced.

- Lisa in East Tawas, MI

I love the new features and you guys have been amazing!!

- Josie in Sacramento, CA

Wow, your integration is off the chain! I am amazed that it works two-way.

- Jason in Pottersville, NY

Thank you for the barcode printing. We are ordering our printer today and can’t wait to use it! This will save us hours every week. Also love the mobile scanner option. What a way to end the year!

- Jennifer in Prescott Valley, AZ

We are planning on keeping our membership up after the free trial ends because GV Gatsby has answered our needs when using Clover :)

- Joe in Tappan, NY

Thank you for all of your help. This is the most support I’ve got from any of the apps we have downloaded on Clover. It’s definitely appreciated.

- Patrick

You guys have the best customer support team I’ve ever dealt with by the way.

- Scott in Brandon, Canada

You are awesome!!

- L Rapata in Oak Park, IL

I love you guys/gals. Merci.

- Patti in Stockton, CA

Y’all have the BEST customer service!!

- Macee in Madisonville, TX

Thanks so much!! This chat is AWESOME!! YOU guys are the experts. Feels nice that you have an app that offers assistance.

- Maria in Englewood, FL

Thank you very much for your quick and comprehensive answers! Kudos on customer support.

- Tom in Netherlands

Hello people from GV Gatsby. Love your solution for our Shopify store. Especially the COGS and Barcode Scan App. Saves us a lot of time.

- Matthew in Amsterdam

You are always the most helpful and always understand what I am asking. I wish all tech support could be as good.

- S Brooks in Sugar Land, TX

We are a consignment store, and I couldn’t find anything else that would allow me to keep track of vendors so easily. It makes it really easy for me to make sure everyone is getting paid when they are supposed to.

- Alanna in Arcata, CA

I have been telling all my retail friends about GV Gatsby!

- Patty in Stockton, CA

You guys are top notch customer support specialists. None of the businesses we deal with everyday are so quick at resolving issues.

- Will in Lehigh Acres, FL

Just wanted to first off say that the software developments and integrations you guys have added recently are AWESOME. I know how much work it must have taken, but from an end-user perspective, it makes GV Gatsby so much easier to operate on a daily basis. So keep it up!

- Bryan in Collinsville, TX

I just started using GV Gatsby and LOVE it!

- Rebecca in Washington DC

Your program just keeps getting better and great customer service...so glad we chose GV Gatsby for our business

- Sarah in Seaside, OR

You guys are the best. Wish all tech support people were as good as you guys.

- Sheila in Sugar Land, TX

I only ask you, because your support is a million times better than Clover.

- Morgan in Mesa, AZ

Thank you guys so much for the great customer service! I have recommended you to all of my small business owner friends!!

- Stacey in Kearney, NE

I love your app, we are a happy customer! All the updates, the way it works, everything is awesome!! Thank you.

- William in Washington, PA

...your program has helped so much and when ringing customers up. It is so much easier than when we first opened in January. I love it.

- Amber in Mineral Wells, TX

You guys are awesome. I absolutely love this app!

- Therese in Chaska, MN

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