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You can also call or text 858-271-4000 with any questions and we’d be happy to help!

GV Gatsby manages over a billion dollars worth of inventory for thousands of merchants all around the world. We totally understand the difficulties that come with keeping an eye on all of the moving parts of a small business and have helped countless business owners and managers like you get a firm handle on their inventory.
  • Video tutorials. Want someone to walk you through the app on your own time? Feel free to skip around, replay, and follow along as one of our customer care experts explains each feature of GV Gatsby in detail.
  • In-App Answers. We’ve compiled the most frequently-asked questions and put the answers right where you need them--in the app itself! When you have a question, just look to the help panel on the right side!
  • Interactive Demos. We regularly host live demonstrations of GV Gatsby online. Join in from anywhere and follow along as we explore the amazing world of inventory management!
  • Help Articles. If you’re the sort who likes to find answers in writing, we’ve got them! Extensive documentation and helpful material is available 24/7 at help.GV Gatsby.com.
  • One-On-One. Yup, you’ve got a direct line to our world-class customer care team. Three lines, actually! Live chat, email and phone support is available from 9AM-8PM (US Eastern) on weekdays in English, Spanish and French. "Genial!"
Phew! Did we miss anything? If you couldn't tell, we want to give the best support in the business, because we believe you and your business are worth it. If you have ideas about how we can better accompany you on your journey to inventory bliss, just let us know!
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